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Cistanche tubulosa extract Memoregain® TLCT-Plus


Cistanche tubulosa, also known in Chinese as Hongliu Dayun, is a precious and rare high-quality medicinal material of traditional Chinese medicine. It has the reputation of "desert ginseng". The historical application can be traced back to 2000 years. Sinphar Pharmaceutical Group is committed to the development and research of Alzheimer's disease and brain health for more than 20 years.


Its patented raw material Cistanche tubulosa extract Tianlife® Memoregain® TLCT-Plus is used to improve cognitive function, increase neurotransmitter and enhance memory, slow down the deterioration of dementia, slow the occurrence of brain degeneration, and promote the effect of nerve growth factor. Experiments have indicated that Memoregain® TLCT-Plus can effectively pass the BBB (blood-brain barrier). Currently, it has 36 patents in 16 different countries. 9 SCI publication. Sinphar Tianli is currently the world’s largest Cistanche tubulosa extract supplier.


Memoregain® TLCT-Plus is a certified organic material. Material comes from its own subsidiary, Hetian tianli shasheng Pharmaceutical 2400 acres of GAP and organic certified farm.


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