Science & Innovation

Sinphar Tianli Pharmaceuticals, a world leading GMP grade phytonutrients manufacturer, has its own GAP organic farm. Its patented Tianlife® product line is an innovative and clinically proven phytonutrient that comes from Sinphar’s own organic farm and is safe, non-toxic and harmless. Tianlife® is focusing on cognitive health and brain health, anti-fatigue, energy and physical strength, muscle energy, exercise response and other functional materials. The 3,000 clinical supported phytonutrients Cistanche tubulosa extract Memoregain, is a breakthrough innovation material with 36 patents, 9 SCI in 16 countries, targeting at the prevention of cognitive impairment, enhance memory, boost vitality, and the promotion of brain sports nutrition, and brain vs muscle coordination. The world's first functional walnut oligopeptide Protygold®, the first discovery of Brain Awaken Factor (BAF), targeting the new finding functions of inter-neuro connection, with BCAA golden ratio, has won the 2019 World Pharmaceutical Raw Materials China Exhibition (CPHI) Herbal Extract Product Innovation Award. Global patented Poria cocos Triterpenoid extract Lipucan, the world's first protein carrier is used to enhance the absorption of nutrients BCAA, Arginine, Folate and muscle strength, with 60 national patents in 17 countries.