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Poria cocos extract Lipucan® / Lipucan® WT

Sinphar Pharmaceutical Group internationalize and modernizing Chinese herbal medicine to make greater contributions to human health. After 20 years of research, we have developed an innovative sport & health ingredient Lipucan®. It is a compounds of Triterpernoid from a medicinal mushroom , Poria cocos. Two specs are available for global customers. Lipucan® and Lipucan® WT (SC certified). Lipucan® has 60 patents in 17 countries worldwide. It is the world's first protein carrier can effectively improve protein absorption (BCAA/arginine), strengthen muscle production genes, increase muscle mass, and strengthen muscle strength.

Based on functional and clinical tests, Lipucan® proves effectively in:

※  Increase collagen absorption. (TWN Patent)

※  Immune regulation/enhancing immunity and anti-allergic. (Taiwan health food license claims).

※  Global patented anti-pneumonia lung injury. An effective respond to COVID19 (based on current evidences). 

※  Helps the absorption of protein, effectively avoiding the loss of skeletal muscle function caused by sarcopenia. (US patent) 

※  Increase Myogenin and Myogenin heavy chain/MYHC (US patent)

※  Increase BCAA absorption (US patent)