Production safety accident emergency plan drill

Release time: 2018-07-26

On June 21, 2018, our company and Yuhang District Safety Supervision Bureau jointly carried out the emergency drills for special operations accidents of hazardous chemicals and Xinghui Tianli (Hangzhou) Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. in Yuhang District in 2018.

When the drill model-mechanic was rushing to repair ethanol in the buried tank area, a fire was caused by hot work and was injured. The emergency command of the company immediately activated the emergency plan after receiving the alarm, and each emergency team quickly entered the emergency state to implement emergency rescue activities. In order to avoid the expansion of the situation, the command headquarters directed social organizations to request assistance. After receiving the report, the 110 emergency command center immediately organized the district fire, safety supervision, environmental protection, and 120 emergency center reinforcements. The fire was successfully extinguished after 30 minutes. Through the drill, the operability and practicability of the company's emergency plan, the preparation of emergency materials and equipment, and the logistics support capabilities were tested, and the emergency rescue team was trained.

This exercise is an important event organized by the company's safety production month, and it is a concrete manifestation of fully implementing the responsibility of the enterprise's main body. The company attached great importance to this and conducted careful organization and planning. The company's emergency commander Wang also participated in table-top exercises and model exercises on many occasions and provided on-site guidance to ensure the smooth progress of the exercise.

Units such as Yuhang District Emergency Management Office, District Safety Supervision Bureau, District Environmental Protection, District Fire Fighting, etc. participated in the exercise, and more than 30 companies including townships, streets, and hazardous chemicals in the district participated in the demonstration.



Rescue team and supporting firefighters jointly cool the storage tank


Environmental protection unit monitoring on-site environment


Decontamination and decontamination team blocked the sewer


Rescue team and firefighters close the leaking valve


Lijia Environment collects solid waste


         On-site commander summarizes and evaluates the exercise